About Us

Pragati Toddlers : Modesty in Creativity

Pragati Public School, A CBSE affiliated educational institute, has carved a special niche for itself as an institution dedicated to the all round education of children. The school provides a safe and loving atmosphere for the little ones.

Key aims of Pragati Toddlers

Encourage each pupil fully to develop his or her intellectual, physical and cultural talents

Emphasize the importance of social, moral and spiritual dimensions of community life in a modern society

Set appropriate goals to challenge each individual within a small carrying community

Recognize and reward personal and collective achievement in a positive learning environment

Nurture in pupils the character and skills to meet the challenges of life beyond school

Maintain and develop a team of professional teachers who seek fulfillment in their work through the progress of their pupils

Forge partnership with parents and the wider community for the further development of the aims and life of School.